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Mobile Phone Repairs Newcastle NSW

The team of skilled technicians at Newcastle Mobile Phone Repairs are dedicated to providing customers with iPhone unlocking services and repairs for smartphones, tablets ,and iPads. They offer a wide array of electronic device repair solutions that exceed your expectations through their high quality work while still being affordable . All employees must undergo screening processes before working in order assure only qualified people get on site.
If you find yourself needing any kind if mobile repair or replacement we would love the chance take care it !


Here at Newcastle Mobile Phone Repairs, we can do screen or glass replacement  to fix your device in no time. 

If your device is not holding charge or battery is draining quickly, we can replace it on the spot. 

Phone is not charging or you have to wiggle cable to charge your phone, its probably due to broken charging port. We can fix any model phone or tablet. 

We can repair or replace camera on any smartphone or tablets whether its front or back camera. 

We can replace badly broken body or refurbish it to new phone. 

We repair broken back glass on all phones from iPhone 8 to iPhone 12.

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Having trained and passed comprehensive Repair Certification program, every Newcastle Mobile Phone Repairs hero can repair your device faster than a speeding bullet.

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We are available for you 24/7. You can simply contact us by calling or you can send your queries on our Email. 

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We know how important it is to have your device repaired as quickly as possible.

This is why we have a dedicated team of skilled technicians waiting for your iDevice to arrive and in most cases your iPhone repair, iPhone repairs.

Mobile Phone Screen Repair Newcastle

No matter how careful you are, cracks and breaks happen all too often. This can be a very frustrating situation when your phone screen gets damaged after it falls out of your hand on the ground! A cracked phone doesn’t just cost money to fix; they also make using our devices difficult as well which is why protecting them starts with buying one from an official provider like ours at Mobile Phone Repairs Newcastle.

However, even if you do this, it’s still not a guarantee that your phone will be safe from all damage. Sometimes using cases and pouches can trap heat or moisture which can result in catastrophic damage to your device! Not only is the warranty void, but it could also cause additional problems such as electrical shorts which can cost much more than any screen replacement would have.

One of the most common ways phones get damaged is by liquid spills and this includes other types of liquids other than water! Toasters and microwaves are often equipped with spill-proof containers which prevent hot coffee or tea from spilling out and causing other serious damages to their surroundings (and people!). The same concept works for keeping our smartphones dry.

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Battery Replacement Services in Newcastle

If you find that your phone is running low on power, NOT CHARGING AT ALL OR OVERHEATING then it may be time to change the battery in order for them not only last longer but also charge more efficiently. If you’re finding that these issues with yours persist then it might need to be replaced due the battery being weak and unable-to hold its potency any longer; this can also occur if there has been moisture intrusion into either case preventing proper ventilation thus creating condensation within which causes corrosion on internal components resulting ultimately in reduced lifespan.

So you’re having this issue with your iPhone but don’t want to go through the hassle of visiting Apple, they’ll replace it for a price without really asking any questions. Well let’s face it, that can be time consuming and costly. You could call at Newcastle Mobile Phone Repairs shops in your area to get battery replacement services. However if the battery itself is faulty then it will need to be replaced no matter what just out of safety reasons primarily.

Charging Dock Replacement Services in Newcastle

You never want to hear yourself utter these dreaded four words: “My iPhone won’t charge!”. Picture yourself at the end of a long workday, about to retire for the evening and your cell phone’s battery is now below 10%. You think this is just like any other day when you’ll get some much-needed rest only for it not happen; instead, there are no more texts or calls coming in on social media sites such as Twitter which means that all those hours spent working were basically wasted because they could’ve been sleeping if everything had gone right. You’ve done it. You don’t have to worry about anything because Mayfield cellphone repairs provides the best charging dock replacement services. 

“My iPhone won’t charge!”

You’ve uttered those horrible four words that instantly throw you into a panic. Your hands start to sweat, you’re tired but now jittery, and you don’t know what to do. This scenario can be devastating. You try unplugging and replugging your phone into the charger with no luck. Then you start to jam the charger into your phone with force, thinking that brute strength should solve the problem. But in the end, that doesn’t work. You’re now sitting on your bed, on the verge of tears, unable to charge your phone, and it’s about to die.

While we at Newcastle Mobile Phone Repairs didn’t intend to write a horror story, we feel as though we need need to impart this knowledge to everyone out there so that if you experience this terrifying situation, don’t panic. Just visit our store we have ways to fix your charging port or charging dock!

Screen Replacement Services

Camera Replacement Services In Newcastle

Smartphone camera problems? You’ve come to the right place! We have all sorts of solutions for your device because we provide the best camera replacement services.  The trouble might not be with your phone at all, but rather a software or hardware issue within it’s Camera Module which can sometimes cause front and back cameras on iPhones 4s 5c 6plus6S 7+8 Galaxy S3 Ii4Gs note 2 3G LG G2 & Google Nexus OneX impossible to use normally as well as flashing light from inside out without capturing anything sunny outdoor shots etc… Check if this is caused by any one thing before buying new equipment.

Most common issues with phone camera may be hardware or software and include:

  1. Camera app seems to be frozen
  2. Back camera shows nothing but a black screen;
  3. Switching between front and rear cameras freezes the app;
  4. Some camera options (HDR, Camera roll, Flash) are missing;
  5. Camera flash doesn’t sync with shots.
  6. Broken camera glass
  7. Completely damaged camera.

If the front or back camera  of your smartphone or iPhone fails, Newcastle Mobile Phone Repairs has expert technicians with years of experience on phone repair, whether your need phone camera repair or replacement  for a Samsung phone, iPhone, iPad or tablet, whichever brand or model we will fix the faulty camera issue within no time and at an affordable price.

Frame Replacement Services In Newcastle

If you’ve broken your iPhone 12 chassis, don’t worry! You can get it fixed at Newcastle Mobile Phone Repairs using simple tools. If the frame is cracked or if there are bent metal pieces inside of the phone due to an accident that caused damage like this happen in some cases when people drop their phones on concrete surfaces then they will need professional help though because replacing parts isn’t always easy without specialized equipment designed just for these types repairs but usually speaking most quality places offer free diagnostics so take advantage while you’ve still got warranty left.

Repairing the metal around the camera, earphones and even the SIM tray is possible (although it will cost more than if you were to replace a separate piece) but in order to complete anything you might need we recommend that you take your phone into an authorized service provider.

Symptoms :

  • Twisted frame
  • Induction charge problem
  • Damaged power tablecloth
  • Broken frame
frame replacement
Cell phone repair

Back Glass Replacement Services In Newcastle

At Newcastle Mobile Phone Repairs, we find that the aluminum back was once a standard material for cell phones. However because of its weakness and susceptibility to scratches from things like keys or coins in your pocket when you sit on it wrong – which could lead into further damage if left unattended- glass became much more mainstream as iPhone designs have been widely praised by consumers who want their devices not only functional but aesthetically pleasing too!

A drop can cause any repair job at home become difficult; even something seemingly harmless like an accidental fall onto hard surfaces might end up costing users money they don’t exactly expect. Luckily there are professionals available such us those found here at our store where high quality workmanship will always be put before profit margins.

During a consultation, one of our technicians will be able to see if there’s anything we can do now or from the drop. We might need to wait so as not to risk any further damage and it is quite possible that your phone may still function as normal, with no added problems after a good clean up.

Newcastle History

Newcastle, Washington had a populace of 10,380 individuals, as per the registration that was taken in 2010. The people group is situated on the eastside of in King County.

While Newcastle wasn’t fused until 1994, it has been a significant town and local area since the last part of the 1800’s, and has assumed a significant part in the improvement of Seattle and the Seattle region. Newcastle was one of the most punctual coal mining areas nearby, and it had the primary railroad connect to Seattle in King County. During the early history of Newcastle, wood additionally assumed a significant part. Coal was conveyed by the railroad to Seattle from the mines in Newcastle, which drew railways like the Great Northern Railroad, and furthermore filled the development of the Port of Seattle.

The year 1994, brought the fuse of Newcastle. Up to that point, the district was a unincorporated region inside King County. The people group is as of now a rural local area. In light of the area of Newcastle, which is north of Renton, across Lake Washington from Seattle, and south of Bellevue these are the networks where most of Newcastle inhabitants work.

It was during the 1870’s, that Newcastle began delivering coal. By 1963, when the mine shut, more than 13 million tons of coal had been removed. The tradition of the coal mining in Newcastle just as the mines where numerous Chinese workers worked, stays in the spots that incorporate Coal Creek Parkway, the China Creek Golf Course, and Coal Creek.

For a long time, Newcastle was an irrelevant course for drivers utilizing its essential avenue, which was Coal Creek Parkway, to interface with Bellevue and focuses somewhere else. Nonetheless, it was one more sort of driver that assisted with making Newcastle famous of Eastside, which was the Newcastle Golf Club. This fairway offered nearly 36 openings of title golf alongside some exceptionally all encompassing peak sees. The fairway opened in 1999. From that point forward, Newcastle has been the objective of various sightseers. Found east of Lake Washington and south of Bellevue, Newcastle has encountered quick development during the beyond 20 years.

During the 1870’s, Newcastle was delivering somewhere in the range of 75 and 100 tons of coal each day. Initially, the coal was conveyed from the mines to Lake Washington via a gently laid rail line framework, known as a tramway. From that point the coal was stacked into level base boats, and directed by towing boats across the lake to Seattle. It wasn’t some time before the Seattle and Walla Railroad went through Newcastle and conveyed the coal, notwithstanding the nearby wood, to networks all through Washington State.

That quick development has never really decreased the humble community feeling that Newcastle has had the option to keep up with. Newcastle is adequately huge to draw in cafés and organizations and eateries, but then adequately little to make the sensation of an affectionate local area. Occupant can visit their nearby supermarkets and be embraced by a been working worker at that store for a long time. If appreciating lunch at the Golf Club at Newcastle, neighbors who work there welcome them and stay for some time to talk at their table.

The CNN magazine Money, positioned Newcastle19th on the Best Places to Live. It was likewise on the rundown in 2009 and 2011. Newcastle offers tree lined road and open spaces, unmistakable areas, large city access, modest community fascinate, and is a family-accommodating local area. The people group is known for its strolling framework, which incorporates a very much arranged organization of walkways, regular surface path, and pathways. A volunteer association known as Newcastle Trails attempts to extend, keep up with, and save the framework.

The space of the local area is 4.5-square-miles and is additionally home to about 19 stops, the biggest of which is the 20-section of land Lake Boren Park, which is the area of local area occasions that remember Concerts for the Park and Newcastle Days.

The people group likewise has a functioning path building association that has made an arrangement of trails, which are as of now being incorporated into new stops just as lodging advancements. Most of the path work has been finished by volunteers and the WCC (Washington Conservation Corps), which is supported by Newcastle. In the long run, this path framework will lead right to Lake Washington in the west, related to Renton. The path framework has effectively been associated with the Cougar Mountain Regional Wildland Park in the east, which is situated in Unincorporated King County.

One more huge package of property in Newcastle is bound for huge things. The AvalonBay Communities has contracted to purchase the Mutual materials area, which is some the 52-sections of land, and has plans to foster a gathering of private, retail, and café spaces. The area will be the focal point of the local area, and where guests and occupants, the same, can assemble. The lodging will incorporate condos and condos and lofts at the higher finish of the rental scale.

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